Norwegian design and production


Bogstad Strå is our oldest and most traditional design. The decor is handpainted by our colleagues at our factory in Porsgrund. At Porsgrund we are proud to say that we have produced this tableware since we started the production back in 1887.


Bogstad Hvitt was launched in 1887, the same year as Bogstad Strå. It is the same beautiful design, but without the decor. The tableware is classic in shape and beautiful in all its simplicity. To make the table more exciting try to combine our Bogstad Hvitt tableware with our Bogstad Strå tableware.


Norgesglass in porcelain is handmade at our factory in Porsgrund. It consists of practical and decorative products based on casts from the iconic Norgesglassene from 1902. In the series of Norgesglass you’ll find mugs, milk jug, jars and much more.


Bladvasen is designed by Konrad Galaaen and has been handmade at our factory in Porsgrund since 1960. The vase is produced in high-burnt field splash porcelain and is decorated with leaves in relief, then it is burned on white glaze.

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